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Posted by Zalariah - October 6th, 2012

So, I don't come here anymore. Until recently I forgot this account existed, so I suppose I should upload some crap I draw. If you like my art, you're better off seeing it at my deviantART account, I upload more shit there if you're interested: http://ziphora.deviantart.com

Getting a new tablet, to upgrade from my small, half broken Intuos4. Intuos5 Large, here I come!
So in celebration I shall draw some awesome things in the future to come.

Upcoming artworks in mind:
Portal 2 12"x14" poster
Skyrim wallpaper 3840x2160 resolution (probably)
L4D2 wallpaper 3840x2160 resolution (probably)
World of Warcraft Art (either poster or wallpaper, idc)
Borderlands - Lilith 12"x14" poster
Borderlands - Mordecai and Bloodwing 12"14" poster


Posted by Zalariah - June 8th, 2012

I'm new to Newgrounds, despite being on this site since April I have had trouble authorizing my account.

I am a young artist, still learning and experimenting with many programs and methods. I do hope to learn to animate in Professional Flash CS5 at some point, I'm currently just using it as a drawing program for my simple illustrations, writing and images. I will eventually animate it in when I get the enthusiasm and the effort, but I don't expect that to happen until I replace my currently breaking graphic tablet and buy my new PC.

If you'd like to see more art by myself you can find me on the websites listed here, from DeviantART there are links to all websites I host myself on.

I do commission work, but it is rare due to the fact I am just another fish in the sea here on the internet, so much competition. I've been offered the chance to do conceptual art for personal clients I know IRL before, I am considering this. Any work, is work.

I will be uploading old or previous work I feel suits Newgrounds, I will not be posting much here. Just what I feel is quality enough for this site. I have some works to come, but not until I have my new PC, then I'll be able to get back into serious art. Here's just an example, you'll find my other WIP's in my DeviantART gallery folder.


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