Entry #2


2012-10-06 20:48:58 by Zalariah

So, I don't come here anymore. Until recently I forgot this account existed, so I suppose I should upload some crap I draw. If you like my art, you're better off seeing it at my deviantART account, I upload more shit there if you're interested: http://ziphora.deviantart.com

Getting a new tablet, to upgrade from my small, half broken Intuos4. Intuos5 Large, here I come!
So in celebration I shall draw some awesome things in the future to come.

Upcoming artworks in mind:
Portal 2 12"x14" poster
Skyrim wallpaper 3840x2160 resolution (probably)
L4D2 wallpaper 3840x2160 resolution (probably)
World of Warcraft Art (either poster or wallpaper, idc)
Borderlands - Lilith 12"x14" poster
Borderlands - Mordecai and Bloodwing 12"14" poster



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2012-10-06 21:10:21


Zalariah responds:

Bye? I was just saying I only upload some things here. :p